Ulstalav Adventure

The Manor House


Journal notes by Kerowyn

As we prepared to cross the 40-ft stone bridge, we noticed there was a golem hound – like what we defeated in Grine & Vorkstag’s business. We decided to use some distance weapons to “entice” the dog to cross the bridge and attack us on “our” side of the bridge… Raz used True Strike on the initial attack, the dog advanced but wouldn’t cross completely over. After some additional wounds, the hound retreated back to the door on the far side of the bridge. We proceeded to the middle of the bridge and the hound charged. After a long and vicious battle, we finally defeated the beast. We continued across the bridge and noticed a bell pull next to the door. The door had a picture of a sun being devoured by clouds. Mira found no traps on the door, but didn’t want to announce our presence and tried to pick the lock instead. We noticed a wind and saw a cloud with eyes appear and run into Mira. Mira collapsed from the attack, Turin and Sam grabbed her and ran back across the bridge, followed closely by the rest of the party. The air elemental chased after us. We proceeded up one tower, across to another, and so on (with the Benny Hill theme running through our heads). Raz cast ghost sound and the elemental headed off the wrong direction while we ran back across the bridge and into manor. After being healed and revived, Mira got us back and and re-locked the door.


The great hall was fairly empty, except for a metal and flesh “thing”… It looked a bit ornamental until it attacked. Kero, Raz and Gloriana finished it off and Mira opted to sneak up the stairs to see what was there. Mira returned and informed us there were three doors upstairs. We decided to check the ground floor before investigating upstairs, leaving Sam and Turin in the main hall to guard. Raz noticed there was a painting in the great hall that was worth about 500gps…

The first room was full of wood. The second room was full of food-stuffs. The third room looked like a kitchen with a roaring cook-fire.. Mira was upset as the next room had cleaning supplies but no liquor. Luckily, the following is the wine cellar and Mira was ecstatic and borrowed four bottles, for religious purposes. Gloriana noticed two secret doors, which prompted Kero to look, and she found a third secret door.

The first secret room is a smokers den with jars of exotic tobacco, a church warden (which is a long-stemmed pipe) with a gold tooth guard. The next one appeared to be a library/study type room filled with books and papers. There’s waterfall room, a billiard room, two trophy rooms with mounted heads and some fully stuffed creatures. We found empty bed chambers, that looked like no one had used them in days… One of the bedrooms had a hidden chest. There was a chest of 2000 gps worth of coins and a set of 3 magical figurines shaped like an ivory goat (per book). We also found: silver chain worth 50gps, the gold snuff box with a topaz was worth 400gps. the platinum handled magnifying glass with leather case worth 600gps, monical with silver chain ending in a diamond pin worth 800gps.


We found another room with three cots and books and papers. There was a jade and gold writing set worth 150gps, small portable ink jar with silver clasp worth 20gps. Another room was covered in sheets. We went back to the master bedroom that held 10 nobles outfits, six scholar outfits and one royal outfit.

We headed back to the master bedroom to rest and we discussed the fact that we’d seen feather dusters and plates moving, which could be done by unseen servants… We took watches to rest and planned to start fresh in the morning.



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