Ulstalav Adventure

Is it real?


Journal notes by Kerowyn

We headed into the room that contained the dead golem and noticed 2 engraved sarcophagi on the east and west walls and a pile of chains in the center of the floor. Additional preserved creatures were in this room as well. Raz checked for magical illuminations, but found nothing. Raz decided to investigate one of the sarcophagus but didn’t think he was strong enough to open it. When he turned around to ask the rest of the group for help, the sarcophagus was opened by the mummy inside. Before it could do anything, Kero yelled out to those not in the room, “Here comes the mummies!” Mira led the attack against the mummy while Gloriana ran to join her in the fray. Clemeth was momentarily frozen in fear by the mummy’s scary appearance but was able to shake it off.

While the main group was fighting the mummy, the other sarcophagus moved towards Kero, who thought it might be a mimic transformer in disguise. Raz said that it would have “snuck up” on her but she noticed it “coffin.” (The horror of bad puns might be enough to kill Kero instead – BWA HA HA HAAAAA!) Clemeth changed targets and threw spells at the mimic. The mimic hit Kerowyn and stuck to her. Everyone jumped in to kill off the mimic after finishing off the mummy. Raz decided to take some of the mimic sticky stuff for future research.


Miro found a ring on the mummy. Raz noticed it glowed with magic and decided to identify it. Sam did a burst to heal the party and we decided to rest and regain spells. We managed to get thru the night with no monsters or mayhem… Raz was able to identify the ring in the morning as a ring of the ram with 35 charges. Sam was able to mend Gloriana’s armor so she suited up in her own and returned Kero’s second set back to Kerowyn. Raz offers to help Gloriana but she declined. Since Mira found no traps on the last door in this room, she opened it to see that it opens to the outside of the building. There was a path led north to where we could see four inter-connected towers. We went back to the first room to finish checking the two remaining doors. Mira checked for traps on the west door. She saw a stuffed bullette when she opened the door, along with a goblin dog, partially transformed doppelganger and a partially dissected bugbear. Raz found no magic in the room when he used his detect magic. Raz tried to climb and sit on top of the bullette, but kept having problems trying to mount it. (No additional comments needed.) Mira threw Raz on top of the huge bullette and Raz bit it. When asked the inevitable question, “Why?” he replied, “So I could say I ‘bit the bullet’…”


We headed to the next door, checked for traps and had Raz open the door. There was a sea cow hanging from the ceiling and more jars with preserved octopus, two worms, a head of a scum.. A fanged eel and a strange mermaid-like creature. Sam said it was a ningyo (part monkey, part fish)… Since there was no magic, we started to head back to the previous room when Mira found a secret room with stairs going up. We headed up the stairs, with Mira checking for traps along the way. The hidden room at the top of the stairs had some harpy and gryphon remains, and the wing of a roc with its feathers coming off. Raz opened the next door and two Medusa heads came flying out. We managed to kill them with minimal damage. Nothing else was found in that room. We looked to the ladder heading up to the next level…



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