Ulstalav Adventure

Entering Shudderwood


The group headed for the tower with Mira in the lead and Kallorm flying above. As we got closer to the crumbling, ivy-covered tower, we heard a haunting harp tune playing softly. There was a crumbled opening where the door would have been. Mira advanced to check for any traps and tracks around the tower. Mira came back to the group and that inside the tower she saw long, shimmering lengths of silk and several cocoons hanging from the ceiling. In the corner was a wide burrow opening into the ground. She also mentioned that she felt almost compelled to actually enter the tower so she thought there might be a magical compulsion. As the group neared the tower and could hear the music better, Kero and Klemeth headed towards the door. Kero entered the tower, batting away several of the hanging silk strands and then the music stopped. Kero drew her weapons and tried to cut down one of the closest cocoons. Inside the first cocoon was a goat that had been drained of fluids, which was what Kero thought might have been done if it was killed and eaten by a spider. Kero shared her thoughts with Klemeth and with Mira who had joined them inside. The second cocoon contained a horse with the same features and the third contained a human hanging upside-down, both dead and drained. At that time, the three saw a set of stairs heading up, and Kallorm fly up to the opening to check if there was anything at the top of the stairs. Kero and Klemeth saw a sealed envelop covered in blood sticking out of the dead human’s pocket, which Kero put in her pocket to look at more closely later. The rest of the party entered the tower. While Kero and Klemeth were looking over the dead human’s body, the others saw Mira jump to avoid a string of web that shot out of the burrow. The web hit the cocoon next to Mira and she saw the pale upper torso of a female with a monster spider/insect head hiding in the burrow. Mira threw an alchemist fire, hitting the creature and causing it to retreat further down its burrow. Friejha stepped closer to the burrow opening and could just barely see the creature, and started trying to cajole the monster to “come out and play.” Mira approached Friejha and tried to convince her to move away in case the monster’s range was greater than Friejha’s spells. Mira then turned invisible and unknown to the party, started heading down the burrow tunnel. The monster shot another web at Friejha and it fell short. Kero cut down the fourth cocoon and found another dead goat while Klemeth and Gloriana went to cut down the last two cocoons. Friejha summoned a lantern archon that threw light rays at the monster and Freijha threw a snowball. Kero used the wand of acid arrows to hit it as well. The cocoon Klemeth cut down held a dead female and Gloriana cut down the last cocoon holding a dead male, both of which had also been hanging upside down. The monster shot a web at the archon, which went right through the archon and hit Friejha entangling her. The archon tried to hit the monster with another light ray but missed. Friejha cast another snowball at the monster. Kero hit the monster with another acid arrow. Klemeth and Gloriana charged past her and Freijha, advancing on the creature. Mira suddenly appeared behind the monster, attacking it from behind with her daggers. It reared up and attacked Mira with its long, clawed arms. The lantern archon fumbled its light ray attack and was wounded by the monster. Friejha threw another snowball at the creature and then asked Kero to throw a torch at the webs holding her. Kero lit a torch to burn the webs on Freijha while Klemeth hit the beast with a shocking grasp. Mira stabbed the creature in the back and it exploded with green ichor going everywhere. Mira continued down the tunnel and found several web-covered lumps that bulged from the floor. The lumps turned out to be a ring, a potion bottle and assorted coins totally 750gp. Freijha cast a detect magic, which made the ring and potion bottle glow. She was able to identify the ring as a ring of featherfall but was unable to identify the potion. Klemeth was able to identify the potion as heroism.


Kero showed Mira the sealed envelop and asked her if she recognized the seal and could open the letter without damaging it. Friejha mentioned that if the seal was broken, she would be able to mend it so that wouldn’t need to be a worry… Mira said the seal was from the Dravin family. When those who had gone down the tunnel returned to the main floor, Mira slit the letter open but was unable to decipher the letter due to the blood and gore that had made it almost illegible. Mira gave the letter to Sam and he was able to determine that it was an invitation/reservation for a minor noble, Echtmoor Dravin to a stay at the inn, scheduled for the previous week. Who the invitation was from, was too far damaged to read. Kero mentioned that taking the noble’s body along with the head of the monster (which Friejha announced was a weaverworm) to the lodge so his family could dispose of it properly might earn the group some sort of reward since he was a minor noble… Mira went upstairs to investigate but found nothing. Sam healed Mira. The party headed back to get the horses (and wolves), and then retired to the tower to rest.

The night passed uneventfully and the party headed out in the morning to continue to the lodge. We crossed a bridge and followed the path till we reached a corpse tied to a tree, with something in his chest and mouth. Mira motioned to the party to halt while she advanced on the corpse to investigate. Kero moved to cover Mira as well. Mira was peppered with crossbow bolts from the surrounding trees, and she was able to see that it was a trap as there was no one manning the cross bows. The corpse had flowers in its mouth, a silver MW hunting knife in its chest and rough ropes around its wrists and ankles. The wrists and ankles were swollen and bruised from where the bindings had cut into the bodies. Sam and Turin were able to identify the flowers as wolfsbane, enough for three doses. Kero said she wondered if whoever shot the man thought he was a werewolf and looked at the bolts that Mira was removing from her body. She noticed that there was a paste on the bolts, and Sam thought it was silver sheen, which would give the weapon the properties of alchemical silver for one hour. When examining the body, Mira was able to determine the body was fairly fresh and the trap was triggered by a tripwire in the pine needles that would need to be manually reset. The party decided to gather up the five crossbows to sell when they got back in town. Nothing else was found on the body, so the party remounted and continued down the path after Sam healed Mira again.



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