Ulstalav Adventure

Hello, Good-bye, Moving On


After much fun spent shopping, the party received a note from the Judge, asking everyone to meet at her home. There was a woman already in the room with the Judge. The woman was young, tall with platinum blue eyes and blonde hair. Some noticed she had a faint blue tinge to her tattooed skin and exuded an aura of cold. The Judge introduced the newcomer as Friejha (and full introductions of the party to Friejha).

As mentioned previously, the group was heading to a place called Ascanor Lodge within a Shudder Woods. She stated that entrance was by reservation or invitation only. The Judge said that she would use her connections to get a blank invitation for the group. She also talked about the elaborate library at the Lodge, and that it was open for use for all guests. She indicated that pre-Palatinate Histories that might help the party learn more about the Whispering Way’s intentions. The Judge shared that the Lodge’s clientele was society’s elite. The Judge stated that Friejha might be willing to join the party, as Raz was departing to go back to Ravengro and work with Jominda Fallenbridge.


Kero asked Friejha about her skills – Friejha replied she was a summoner who conjured creatures to fight for her. When asked by Mira if they would do recon, and Friejha said that she had other friends for that, which she would introduce if she joined the party. Mira stated that the group had a personal vendetta against the Whispering Way, who had killed a friend of ours (the Professor). Friejha accepted the group’s invitation to join. Friejha then leads the way to the back of the building, where she’s introduced her heavy war horse, her wolf and her dire wolf. She then cast some sort of spell and another creature appeared out of thin air: a blue winged serpent which she said was named Kallorm, her eidolon. Mira told Kallorm hello, and he replied in Common. Friejha said that she could call Kallorm by spell or by will, and that he had a wicked bite. She also said that she had a bond with Kallorm, similar to a wizard’s bond with their familiar, which made Sam and Turin get side-tracked thinking about bondage…

Mira asked what happened to Friejha’s last party, and was told that they parted ways. The party headed to their rooms to prepare for departure in the morning. Kerowyn helped Friejha get the horses acclimated to the wolves so there would be less issues while traveling. The group started out the next day, with Mira scouting ahead. We stopped at the edge of the Woods gazing into their deeply shadowed depths and it felt like we were staring into another world. The path looked like it had not been used in a long time. The Silent Path was marked periodically with carved bone fetishes. Friejha summoned Kallorm and had him fly above the group as another lookout. The Woods were eerily silent, though the sounds of birds passing unseen overhead could be heard periodically. Mira noticed some creatures peeking around the trees while on point, but couldn’t quite see what they were. She gestured to the group so everyone was alert. Kallorm told Friejha (who then told the party) that there was some sort of crumbling tower ahead of the group. About that time. the party heard a female voice off in the distance screaming for help. Mira waited for the rest of the group to catch up, dismounted and headed off to sneak up on whatever was causing the disturbance. Kallorm continued to fly above. Mira jumped back as she found a trap that would have gotten her tossed into a bunch of webs. Sam said he thought it might be an ettercap – purple humanoid with a spider head and sickle-shaped claws. Mira glanced up and saw 3 of these creatures 25’ in the trees above her. We attacked them before they could act, and additional ettercaps tried to ambush the group from the back. Friejha threw a snowball web at one and entangled it. Kero was slashed but she, Gloriana and Sam killed it before it could do much damage. Mira threw more darts at one of the monsters still in the trees. Turin hit the critter attacking him with a flurry of blows. The remaining two fled, and Turin killed one before it could retreat. Friejha and Gloriana killed the last one as it ran away. Mira found very little treasure on the ground or in the trees, and the group decided to investigate the tower for goodies…



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