Ulstalav Adventure

Lots of Doors


Journal notes by Kerowyn

Mira headed to the next door on the left, which was bound in iron with the door barred on our side. She checked for traps but found nothing. Raz decided to ask the spirits how many adversaries were on the far side of the door. The planchette started to move and landed on the number “6” (assuming the spirits told the truth). Klemeth cast bull strength on Gloriana and Kero in preparation for battle… Mira decides to remove the bar and open the door, and Kero stepped up beside her just in time to be almost overwhelmed by the smell of rotten meat and the torrent of water that flooded out of the room. Kero lost her balance, but Mira managed to keep her from tumbling into the pit of water. In the brief moment before the flood water hit Kero and Mira, they briefly glimpsed details of the new room: four cages containing the remains of headless hulking humanoids, the remains of a walkway and 2 doors high in the east wall. The water level raised high enough that the pit trap overflowed and set free the leaches. The leach swarms attached Kero and Mira, and Gloriana, Raz and Klemeth. Raz broke one of the vials of the yellow spores under water and waved his arms around to try and disperse the spores where they would affect the leaches (and hopefully weaken them enough to die)… Kero threw acid at the swarm coming towards her and Mira. Mira ran into the formerly flooded room to get space to fight the leaches and noticed the room was completely round. Kero followed her into the room and tried to climb to the top of one of the cages, but fell back into the waist-high water. Klemeth released shocking grasp underwater and then ran from the remaining swarm that had attacked him, Raz and Gloriana. Raz drank a jump potion but inadvertently jumped right into the swarm that had attacked Kero and Mira. Gloriana, Turin and Sam followed Klemeth out of the flooded area.


Mira heard noises and looked up to see four huge winged heads covered in tentacles, screeching and flying towards her. Mira turned invisible. Kero released a blast of celestial fire at one of the heads and moved back towards the double doors, screaming at Mira to “get out! They won’t fit thru the doors!” Klemeth cast spider climb (with the Simpson’s “Spider Pig” music playing in the background) and started climbing the walls back towards Mira, Raz and Kero while avoiding the leach swarms in the water. The one of heads screeched and Mira was paralyzed with fear (though we couldn’t see that she was paralyzed)… The head Kero hit screeched as well but Kero, Raz and Klemeth weren’t affected by its scream. Kero and Klemeth thought the head looked like a girallon but the winged portion looked more like a vargouille.. At closer look at the caged remains, those in the room noticed that they were four-armed (though Raz said they obviously weren’t fore-warned)… Raz threw a burning hands at the closest head. Gloriana decided to head back to see if she could help those fighting the heads. The leaches returned and attacked Kero, and the heads screeched again, which made Raz petrified with fear. One of the heads flew low and tried to attack Kerowyn but missed.


Gloriana finally joined the battle, attacked the head closest to Kerowyn and sliced it to bits. Klemeth spit acid on the leaches surrounding Raz. One of the other heads replaced the one Gloriana had destroyed. Between Kerowyn and Gloriana, they destroy the new flying head. Klemeth spit again but did little damage this time. The third head swooped down and bit Raz. Gloriana slashed at the head that had bit Raz, causing it to screech in pain. Mira suddenly appeared by one of the cages, looking like she was frozen… Klemeth jumped into the water and summoned the “Goat of Terror.” He put Raz on the goat. The last head screeched at Kero and lashed out, hitting her with its tentacles. Another scream from a head, and Klemeth also froze… Gloriana sliced another head to bits while Sam summoned a swarm of rats to kill and drive off the leaches. Kerowyn and Gloriana finished off the last of the heads. Kero, Gloriana and Turin each grab Raz, Klemeth and Mira who are still paralyzed and retreated from the room.


Sam did a group heal for the party and used the wand of lesser restoration on Raz, Mira, Gloriana and Kerowyn. After discussion, we decided to head back into the room and explore. The cages were heavy iron. Raz cast detect magic but didn’t find anything. Mira used her rope of climbing to get to the northern door that was 30ft in the air, and found no traps on it. She opened the door to see another door five feet across from her. Between the two doors was a corridor with shelves at the close end and three doors at the far end. Everyone else climbs up the rope with Gloriana last as she fell climbing up the first time. Mira searched the bookshelf and found two potion bottle and two vials. Raz offers to identify the potions and vials: a potion of displacement, a potion of gaseous form, two vials of alchemically preserved basilisk blood — fresh enough that it can be used to restore stone to flesh (but only if attacked by a basilisk).


Mira looked for traps on the door across the hall, and saw fungus everywhere in that room. Raz looked in the room for magic, and recognized the violet fungi and basidirond (which was the name of the hallucinogenic plant from one of the previous rooms). Raz decided to use mage hand to collect a sack each of the basidirond and violet fungi. The basidirond tried to crawl away when Raz tried to harvest it, but he did eventually collect a sackful. Raz informed the group that the violet fungi tentacles could cause flesh to dissolve down to the bones relatively quickly. Kero suggested that Raz leave the violet in the room for now and he begrudgingly agreed. The group headed down the hall to the set of three doors. Mira opened the door to the “right” and saw nothing besides water (and doors that mirrored what was in the first room). Raz detected magic in the water-filled room that was roughly about the size of a human. He focused on the aura and was able to tell the aura was moderate/strong. He told the others about the glow, Mira used her rope of climbing to tie it around the object and tried to pull it up out of the water. While Mira was trying to get the rope tied, Raz told her that the item was moving. Kero and Raz cast dancing lights into the water and saw an eight-legged reptile with transparent skin. Raz said he thought it was some sort of basilisk, and Kero proceeded to shut the door on it.


Mira checked the door across the hall and Raz continued to detect magic. The group noticed this door was made of stone. It was also full of water, and it did not contain a cat-walk like the other three rooms. Mira heard a noise from above and saw a huge black mass about to drop on her. She managed to shut the door, and the group heard a thud hitting the door before splashing into the water below. The group discussed the possibility that it might have been a black pudding and told Raz he would NOT be collecting a vial of black pudding.

Mira opened the last door in the hallway and it lead to a stone three-foot wide bridge above a waterfall to a tower with a lightning rod on top. It was a great stone tower perched on the rock above the river with a huge iron steeple. At the end of the walkway, there was a set of double doors; no windows were visible. The team headed across the bridge to investigate the last building…



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