Ulstalav Adventure

Mira's Diary - Neth 6, 4711

Dear Diary,

Cayden Crappin Cailean! I think we should just cool our heels for a week or so and let the locals deal with Harrowstone on their own. Maybe THEN they will break down and actually ASSIST in the defense of this raven-fart-hole-in-the-ground!

Anyway, R broke the Spirit Board. Right after the fire we started asking a series of questions and the spirits provided some of the most (potentially) useful information we’ve gotten since we arrived. ‘The Five’ caused the flaming skulls to appear in the town hall, starting the fire that resulted in several deaths. We are assuming this refers to the five notorious prisoners who theoretically died in the prison fire 50 years ago. ‘Aurenvrood’ killed the professor, and is alive (not an undead), and does not live in town. Then the spirits stopped talking to R except to tell him they will only answer one question per day from now on. I guess it will still be kinda useful, if we have a week or two to ask questions and then confirm them (since it lies almost half the time). R looked sad, but got over it pretty quick. I’m kinda sad, too. It’s the only magic we have that isn’t gone after one use. All work and no play makes Mira a dull girl.

On the 5th we headed into town, expecting a new level of cooperation, like they promised in the town meeting. The result was NO new information of any kind, and their GENEROUS offer to SELL us anything we want at full retail prices; and this is after they already offered at the town meeting to not pay us anything for our efforts! They have shops with masterwork weapons, armor, equipment, scrolls and potions; but we can’t afford any of it. So we get to go and risk our lives to save their crappy little town while the equipment we need sits safe and secure in town. We get ZIP! G did manage to twist some arms with the town council and got us a few more vials of holy water. So this is their promised cooperation … whatever …

After R got off work we headed for Harrowstone. That’s when we realized we had not seen D all day and he wasn’t with us when we headed for the prison. We didn’t see Kendra all day either. Brown-chicken-brown-cow. I guess he didn’t need my help after all. At least he probably had a better day than we did. All work and no play makes Mira a dull girl.

When we got to the prison R and I checked out the warden’s old house. It’s on the verge of collapse and chunks fell on us during our search. The net result of the search was cuts and bruises. R wanted to burn it down (this could become a disturbing trend), but was content to pull the door off its hinges and burn it in the yard.

We circled around to the back of the prison where we fought the spiders before. We checked out their lair, but no treasure (surprise, surprise). We finally decided to go in the front door of the place and as we were heading there we were ambushed by stirges. G killed hers and didn’t get a scratch! S and K also killed theirs, but got injured in the process. R zapped his with a spell. I eventually killed mine, but only after R zapped it, too. I think I could have finished it off on my own, but I got pretty beat up in the fight. Those things suck blood and most of us were seriously weakened by the end of the battle. So we dragged ourselves back to town. Luckily, the Pharasmians’ anti-undead philosophy outweighs the official town position of “don’t help, just complain” and are willing to provide tangible assistance. They used spells to remove the weakness this morning. K seems to have acquired some magical skills and was able to heal her own wounds. S healed our other injuries. Even G can now heal wounds. So we spent less than 30 minutes at Harrowstone and 12 hours recovering; and it would have been a lot longer without the clerical assistance.

I’m still the least useful one in the group, but at least I kept one of those stirges busy so it couldn’t attack someone else and managed to hold my own against it. My skills seem poorly suited to the tasks at hand. We’ve not run into a lock or a trap. No walls need to be climbed. There’s been no reason to sneak around (though I suppose I could just for practice). We gather information by reading; I’ve not coaxed/persuaded anyone to tell us anything. I’m real good at seeing things that aren’t there, but can’t see huge flying beasts circling overhead then swooping in to attack. I’m great at implementing strategies that only waste time (the search of the empty house and spider lair were both my ideas … if we hadn’t wasted our time on those we could have gotten into the prison before the stirges came, and maybe made some tangible progress). Oh well, I figure they’re stuck with me till the end of the month. Whatever …

Now that our strength has returned our plan is to head back to Harrowstone today (this morning, I hope). R is taking the day off work. D may actually join us. I’ve not confirmed what he was doing yesterday, and he and Kendra aren’t exactly looking like a ‘couple’ today, but I’d still bet a silver on brown-chicken-brown-cow.

All work and no play makes Mira a dull girl. Why is it that whenever I think about these loathsome locals I then think about red rum? Red rum. Red rum.




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