Ulstalav Adventure

Mira's Diary - Neth 6 (Part 2)

Dear Diary,

I almost never make two entries in the same day, but the past several hours have been AWSOME!

The morning began kind of slow while we discussed how to prove Gibs is writing on the monument. He’s such a scumbag! R is going to work on some alchemical marker that we’ll put on the ground in front of the monument. Meanwhile, we put some fresh dirt there and plan to wet it down every night and try to get an incriminating footprint. Boring. We should just tell the sheriff that we saw him do it, but he probably wouldn’t believe us. I’ll sure be glad when we can leave Ravenfart.

Then we finally went to Harrowstone (except for D, who I think is hanging out with Kendra and wearing out D Jr) and got into the prison! 4 charred skulls flew out at us, then just disappeared. We explored a bunch of nasty rooms with unlocked doors and lots of mold and decay and nothing valuable. Then … I picked a lock! And it was on a metal door that we probably couldn’t have broken down! I just may have a place in this group after all! And inside was actual treasure! I got a high-quality set of tools and an expertly crafted punching dagger. It’s by far the best stuff I own! (Still no magic except for some one-shot stuff, but beggars can’t be choosers.) Unfortunately there was not much for our heavy hitters, but we did get a wand that should help if we get drained by stirges again and stuff we can sell.

But there’s more! We found a secret door (I forget who noticed it, it wasn’t me). In there were 5 ‘evil’ items that seem to be associated with the 5 notorious prisoners: a hand axe, a set of holy symbols, a spell book, a hammer, and a flute. I have no idea what we’re going to use this evil stuff for, but we’re taking it!

We went through some more spooky rooms with unexplained cold spots and mold, then we found a room with a hole leading down to the lower level. (We decided to finish with this floor before we go down into the depths.) In that room we were attacked by 3 flaming skulls, kinda like the ones we saw in the town hall, but luckily they didn’t explode in flames. S and I destroyed two of them by surrounding them one at a time and pounding them. G and K destroyed the other. I lost track of R, but assume he was zapping them with his magic.

In the next room we encountered another ‘haunt’ in the form of a furnace that shot rays of flame at us. R and K blasted it with their rays of undead blasting, G did her new ‘lay on hands’ trick, and I threw one of my holy waters at it. After all that the fire went out. R crawled inside and found some old bones and S suggested that if we were to really cool them off, the haunt might be permanently released, so we put them in a bag and put them in the water. (S might have just been pulling our legs, but it sounded reasonable at the time.)

Next we found the infirmary and fought 2 ghosts (S says they were actually ‘poltergeists’ … I guess there’s some big technical difference). Anyway, my attacks had NO effect (even though I used my shiny sharp new dagger). S, R and G used their undead killing magical abilities and eventually destroyed them. We found a bunch of alchemical medicinal substances and some healing potions. We suffered a few minor injuries, but have been able to deal with them.

We’ve been here around an hour and we don’t have to limp back home, yet! We’re badasses! I wonder what’s behind the next door? Gotta go! We’ve got some undead butt to kick!




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