Ulstalav Adventure

The Road to Lepidstadt (Part 1)


Neth 11 – Kuthona 4

We finished off Harrowstone prison on Neth 11th and spent the rest of the month selling our loot and buying some new stuff in Ravengro.

We’ve made an ‘investment’ by buying a Manuel of Golems in town for 2000gp (the 5 of us each pitched in 400gp). Raz is confident we can sell it for a profit in Lepidstadt. We also plan to sell the Splatter Man’s spell book there since we can’t sell it for what it’s worth here.

Our primary mission in Lepidstadt is to deliver 3 of Lorrimor’s books (On Verified Madness, Serving Your Hunger and The Umbral Leaves ) to Dr Montague Crowl. He is a professor of antiquities and Kendra says he’s eccentric and tends to wave his arms about enthusiastically. We are also to deliver one book (Manual of the Order of the Palantine Eye) to Judge Daramid. She is said to be fair, well-respected and all business. She is the Magistrate of Lepidstadt, in her 60s with grey hair in a bun and has blue eyes. She is the one that will pay us our 100pp each that Lorrimor’s will promised us.

We leave Ravengro on Kuthona 1st, employed as caravan guards for 2 wagons. It is only going as far as Tavertina, a 3 day journey. We will get 10gp each.

Our standard watch order is Raz (8-10pm), Gloriana (10pm-midnight), Mira (midnight-2am), Kerowyn (2-4am), Samuel (4-6am).

K 1: uneventful


K 2: mid-day we are ambushed by 4 bugbears, but we defeat them quickly (Raz’ Color Spray knocked out 2 in the 1st round)

K 3: stopped by felled tree; Kerowyn chops it while Mira climbs a nearby tree and is attacked by Assassin Vine; horses pull chopped tree out of way; spend the night in Tavertina; lots of talk about how the Beast of Lepidstadt has been captured, lots of people are going to see it, we decided we don’t want to travel with any of them

K 4: leave town on foot early in morning, heading for Lepidstadt; meet band of traveling performers; one of their group, ‘Alisse’ is missing, they offer us a magic dagger to find her; we find her body, the victim of a phase spider; the spider is difficult to defeat, but we persevere; find some treasure from previous victims; bring her body back and they give us the dagger; we decide to travel with them and settle in to spend the evening of the 4th with them



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