Ulstalav Adventure

The Tower & Its Secrets


While the bridge was damp, we thought that it would be safe enough to cross if we weren’t running full tilt… The bridge ended at a set of double doors. Kerowyn walked safely across the bridge with a rope tied around her. She tied off the rope on the far end while the party did the same on the near side, so the others would have an emergency hand-rail if needed. Mira, Gloriana and Raz went across, followed by Klemeth, Sam and Turin. Mira checked for traps and unlocked the door’s complex lock. Mira quietly opened the door, peeked in and saw a circular room. In the room was a broken cage (10×10×15) with a busted door and bent bars. Mira and Kero saw a four-armed golem heading towards them and headed in to do battle. Gloriana and Raz ran in after to fight as well… Mira disappeared after the golem thumped her severely. The beast turned towards Gloriana and almost tore her apart with its might rend. Mira suddenly appeared behind the golem and attempted to back-stab it. Then it tried to rip Kero in half. Sam healed the party while Raz hit the golem with some fire bombs. When it finally dropped, Raz performed the “Captain Morgan” pose and Mira cut off its head and arms while the others searched the room and watched the door at the top of the stairs. The party found some notes and diagrams pinned to the back of the double-door. Unfortunately, no one was able to read the writing.

Mira and Raz tried to open the trap door at the top of the stairs and weren’t able to get it open. The party noticed that the door was made of adamantium. Eventually they were able to get it open enough to see it was full of webs. Raz used burning hands to burn the webs away while the rest continued to decipher the notes. Finally, the party determined it said, “The storm collar must be activated to energize the bondslave thrall.”


Gloriana felt a tugging on her leg and noticed a homunculus pointing at the wall. It started doing charades and after much back and forth the group determined that we needed to activate the device to get one monster to fight whatever was upstairs in the web room. It led the group back down the stairs and pantomimed that the doctor was alive but somehow captive to the evil monster or golem that was in the upper room. It “said” that it took the doctor water and showed that it had a ring of invisibility that it was using to help keep the doctor alive. The group decided to sleep and regain spells, including Raz making an elixir to comprehend languages so we could try to decipher the additional instructions on how to operate the storm collar.

On a side note, the party noticed that Klemeth’s hair was starting to fall out, his teeth were getting longer and pointier, his ears were getting longer and more leathery and he was starting to get some skin growth on his chin and scalp that looked vaguely like baby tentacles. It was not a pretty look and he was starting to have problems communicating intelligently. We discussed that perhaps it was related to the bites he received from the vargouille. Raz asked Sam about it, as it wasn’t something he could fix alchemically. Raz remembered that they have a “kiss” that will make Klemeth a vargouille within the next 2-12hrs, and it would require a remove disease. Gloriana stated she had the ability to remove it and laid hands on him to attempt to save him.


After several minutes of praying, the party noticed that the tentacle protrusions, teeth and ears started going back to their normal traits. Unfortunately, no one in the group currently has the ability to fix the drain to his abilities. We proceeded to rest and plan for the next battle…




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