Crooked Kin


The Crooked Kin are a troupe of performers and sideshow freaks who travel through Vieland and Lozeri entertaining the good burghers of Ustalav. The entire show travels in a caravan of nine covered Varisian wagons pulled by nags. The wagons are gaudily pained and depict the show’s performers beneath the legend, “The Crooked Kin – Ustalav’s Greatest Traveling Cabinet of Curiosities!” Each wagon has a frong and back door opening onto cramped living accommodations inside. The Crooked Kin consists of 13 performers, all people with a variety of physical handicaps or deformities, plus a handful of additional sideshow attractions.
*Hap Tarvin, the Flea Man
(male human): A short, hunched man with a distorted appearance, Hap performs with his flea circus, the Magnificient Carnival of Miniature Wonders.

Lidia Gerod, the Bearded Lady (fmale human): Standing nearly 7’ tall and possessed of a fine beard down to her waist, Lidia acts as a sort of “mother hen” to the other members of the troupe.

The Pinheads: Aleece (female human), Lettie (female human), and Poppy (female human) are sisters, all of whom have microcephaly. Aleece recently wandered away from the caravan and died.

Prince Zar, the Human Caterpillar (male human): This Mwangi man has no arms or legs. Prince Zar was once enslaved in a Chelish sideshow, but earned enough money to buy his freedom. He joined the Crooked Kin, where he is billed as an exiled prince of the “Lost Cities of Darkest Garund.”

S’jeer, the Vudrani Princes (female human): Born with four arms, S’jeer dresses in exotic silks and speaks with a thick accent, but she is actually from Galt and the daughter of a fishmonger.

The Swarm of Clowns: These three men, Gerik, Josef, and Tam (all male human), each have an extra limb (Josef has three legs, the others have three arms). Besides their skill in clowning, they are also accomplished acrobats and jugglers.

Trollblood, the Giant Man (male human): A shockingly ugly Ulfen man nearly 8’ tall, Trollblood entertains the crowds with fire-breathing and his feats of strength.

The Wolf Child) (male child human): Supposedly raised by wolves in the Shudderwood, htis 10-year-old boy is covered in hair. He is unfortunately insane, but the three pinhead sisters treat him like a younger brother.

In addition, the show also includes a piar of caged goblin dogs, a morlock, and a giant frog.


Crooked Kin

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