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The half-elf Mira was born in 4690 in the kingdom of Nirmathas to Valissa, a human ranger in the Nirmathi Militia. Mira’s father was an elven spellcaster who was also a professor at the University of Lepidstadt for a few years (4688-4692). In 4689 Professor Lorrimor organized one of his semi-frequent ‘expeditions’ and the elven spellcaster was invited to join. Valissa was also recruited to provide some muscle in addition to her other ranger skills. The elf and human became romantically involved and Mira was born in the following year.

Mira met her father once, when she was 11 and he visited for a couple weeks. He was an eccentric fellow, speaking both common and elven with a strange accent. He was a sorcerer, a true oddity among elves. He spoke wistfully of ‘Entwhistle’ though it was never clear if this was a former love, family member, beloved pet, or a prized possession. He had a strange tattoo on his hand that he refused to talk about. He peppered her with random advice: “a hasted barbarian is worth a dozen fireballs,” “never pay a dwarf in advance,” “Divination spells are useless at best and misleading at worst” and “being dead isn’t as bad as you’d think but getting there is a bitch.” He claimed to have adventured alongside half-orcs and half-drow and battled Pit Fiends. He’d mutter “moon-pie” to himself and chuckle. He often seemed distant and distracted. Then he left.

Five years later, in 4706 when Mira was 16, she decided to try and find her father. She contacted Professor Lorrimor and arranged to meet him in Ravengro (as he had retired by this time). The professor did not know where he was, but suspected that he had gone “home.” He told her that her dad had hinted that he was from someplace “far away” and that planar travel is how he had arrived on Golarion in the first place. He felt his hand tattoo was the physical manifestation of a curse from the gods and he had very powerful enemies. He was convinced that getting close to people less powerful than himself would make them easy and attractive targets for his enemies, so he kept his distance from Mira and her mother. The professor assumed that his visit to her 5 years previously was his way of saying “goodbye.” He had not seen Aramir since that time.

Mira’s agility and keen senses have made her a useful scout for the Nirmathi Militia, but she wants to see the world and kick some evil butt in the tradition of her parents.

Mira Zyras

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