Three Justices


The Justices are three judges who preside over the trial of the Beast and decide the verdict. They make imposing figures, dressed in voluminous black robes with started ruffs, and wearing enormous powdered wigs that tower over their heads.

Chief Justice Ambrose Khard (male human): A dour man in his eighties, Chief Justice Khard speaks with a deep, commanding voice and suffers no nonsense in his court. The Chief Justice carries the court gavel – a mallet of black ebony the Justice uses to keep order – and wears a huge cartwheel ruff to make him look even more imposing. He has the power to have people removed from court, discount evidence, and issue punishments (up to hanging) for lying to the court. Any levity in the court is punished by a fine or overnight imprisonment for those who take his court too lightly.

Judge Kasp Aldaar (male human): Judge Aldaar is a figure of terror for criminals on trial. He is a hard-liner in the extreme, ad his merciless justice is feared throughout Ustalav. A former military general, Aldaar is infamous for his impalement of four score deserters under his command who fled a a battle.

Judge Embreth Daramid (female human): Judge Daramid is a magistrate of Lepidstadt.


Three Justices

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