Zokar Elkarid

Proprietor of The Laughing Demon Inn


Outside of Kendra, Zokar Elkarid and his son are the only other individuals in town that seem genuinely excited by the presence of newcomers to Ravengro. While teary eyed and distraught at the funeral of Professor Lorrimor, Zokar was quick to greet you and your companions, and appeared sincere of heart in both his smile and extension of welcome.

Zokar runs the town’s only tavern, called The Laughing Demon, where he takes delight at crafting a menu full of references to the supposedly haunted ruins of Harrowstone. The local citizenry, more interested in a glass of mead and hot meal, have learned to suffer Zokar’s positive attitude, sense of humor and general positive outlook on life.

Beyond not so subtly boasting the delights of The Laughing Demon, Zokar’s is also exceptionally proud of his oldest son, Pevrin who has helds the role of Post Boy in the town for the last three years.


Zokar Elkarid

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