Ulstalav Adventure

The Race Begins


Journal notes by Kerowyn

Merrily we ride along, ride along, ride along… merrily we ride along all the way to Schloss Caromarc – and no random encounters. :-)

As we approached the “castle,” we saw moving lights. We were able to determine that the lights were town folk coming out of the swamp carrying torches and pitchforks,

The Verdict


Journal notes by Kerowyn

While Gloriana holds our place at court and Klemeth watches over Grind who’s unconscious, the rest of the party continues to search the premises – premisi – the building. :-)

Of Soggy Zombies and Skinless Fae


Journal notes by Klemeth

We have Grind and Vorkstag tied up. We ungag Vorkstag to give him a chance to give us some much needed information about the asylum and “the beast”. Myrra proceeds to threaten them as a way to get information out of them. Vorkstag tells the party that they don’t know who they are dealing with and refused to tell them anything useful. So the group decides to put his gag back on.

How much is that doggie in the courtyard?

Angry Mob

Journal notes by Kerowyn

So a cleric, a sorcerer and a thief walk into a bar… The gnome walks under it.

When we get back to town from the Sanctuary, we saw that the jail was surrounded by a mob of town folk… Mira and Clem decided to go find the Crooked Kin to see if they’ll do a performance and calm down the crowd. Those of us left pushed thru the crowd to the door of the jail.

Another Day in Court & the Asylum

Iomedae Symbol

Journal notes by Kerowyn

When we got back to town, Raz and Sam went to the temple of Iomedae to find a cleric that can cast restoration and that can cast zone of truth (since we buried the bodies of the four children we’d found in the wraith’s cave)… They obviously succeeded, as a cleric showed up before the start of today’s trial.

The sisters gave their testimony about the deaths of the children. Gloriana cross-examined the sisters asking about the death of the girl who died after the Beast had been ran out of the village. Raz asked the Beast about Eliza and he did his laughing cry again. Raz asked the judge if they’d accept testimony under a truth of zone spell, which they agree to do.

Boneyard, Court and Wraiths. What fun.


Journal notes by Samuel

After making an extensive search of the Boneyard, we prepare to leave Morast for Lepidstadt. Before we can leave Morast, we are approached by a local of sorts, Klemeth. He seems to be or claims to be a sorcerer of some sort and heritage. Time will tell. On the trip back to Lepidstadt, Raz entertains the party by “making” Gloriana’s horse talk and a spider on top of Gloriana’s horses head to “talk” too. Raz is most assuredly a gnome. Once back in Lepidstadt, without incident on the road home, we head over to Barrister Gustav Kaple to talk over the evidence that they brought back from Morast/Boneyard.

Let the Investigation Begin...Again


Party Notes written by the great and glorious Razidaliferotomaty himself, so their accuracy and completeness are most certainly assured!

Started off the afternoon (after various shopping was accomplished and the group rejoined) with a kind-hearted but spirited discussion about whether Mira or Gloriana will get to have Raz ride with them—Raz offered to ride with Gloriana, but facing backwards for a more enjoyable ride—for some obscure reason she turned down his offer…dunno why!

Strange Troupe and the Big City

Brass Weights

Journal notes by Kerowyn

K 4, evening. Opened the wooden box and found some brass weights. Mira discovered a false bottom, opened it and found 3 silver ingots worth 100s each.
Empty traveling case but there it has superior locks and its keys were sealed inside with wax (water-tight)
Jar of pickled garlic cloves.

The Road to Lepidstadt (Part 1)


Neth 11 – Kuthona 4

We finished off Harrowstone prison on Neth 11th and spent the rest of the month selling our loot and buying some new stuff in Ravengro.

We’ve made an ‘investment’ by buying a Manuel of Golems in town for 2000gp (the 5 of us each pitched in 400gp). Raz is confident we can sell it for a profit in Lepidstadt. We also plan to sell the Splatter Man’s spell book there since we can’t sell it for what it’s worth here.

Skeletons & Haunts

Bloody Z

The party moves to the next cell and Raz notices his name scrawled in blood on the wall of the cell. He quickly moves into the cell and slams the door shut. He’s thinking that he might trap whatever wrote his name in blood in the cell with him, but the rest of the party is confused by his action. When Raz looks back at the wall the writing is gone. Gloriana casts a spell to detect evil and notices a ghost, Father Charlatan, with his hand on Mira’s shoulder. The various spell casters try different spells with no result. Raz thinks about casting a spell but changes his mind. Unable to figure out what to do about the ghost attached to Mira the party decides to leave Harrowstone to see if it follows. The ghost disappears as soon as they exit the prison.


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