Lepidstadt is the largest settlement in all of Vieland. This small city sits on the banks of the Lesser Moutray River, one of Ustalav’s numerous rivers, west of the foothills of the enormous and near-impassible Tusk Mountains that mark the border with the Hold of Belkzen. It is considered the county’s capital since the governing council is based in Lepidstadt.

It is most famous for its university and the strange standing stones outside the city called the Spiral Cromlech. Recently renovated, Lepidstadt is a bustling, lively city of students and academics, with newly bricked streets, wide plazas, and grandiose structures built from imported wood and stone. Away from the university and city center, however, the narrow, winding streets of Lepidstadt show the signs of its age, with dilapidated hovels, crumbling stone walls, and cramped courtyards.

Lepidstadt is the only city in the Vieland, a northern county of Ustalav. When these northern counties began to shrug off control of their regional counts, (thus to form what is now known as the Palatinates, a sort of political alliance of Vieland, Canterwall and Lozeri), an astute Count Caromarc recognized the winds of change and stepped down from his ruling seat, and retired to his secluded castle.

Of course, its most famous resident is the The Beast of Lepidstadt, an evil hulk that has haunted the regions for years. Of course, perhaps it is just a myth to draw tourists hither.

Locations of Interest

Brazen Skull
University of Lepidstadt
The Spiral Cromlech
Ventriloquist’s Pulpit


Nation: Ustalav
Region: Vieland
Size: Small city
Population: 9,780
Demographics: 9,600 humans, 80 dwarves, 50 elves, 30 gnomes, 20 other
Government: Council
Alignment: Neutral
Leader: Dean Acciani Viacarri, Alpon Caromarc


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