Ulstalav Adventure

Of Soggy Zombies and Skinless Fae


Journal notes by Klemeth

We have Grind and Vorkstag tied up. We ungag Vorkstag to give him a chance to give us some much needed information about the asylum and “the beast”. Myrra proceeds to threaten them as a way to get information out of them. Vorkstag tells the party that they don’t know who they are dealing with and refused to tell them anything useful. So the group decides to put his gag back on.

Raz decides to apply his vast alchemical knowledge to an attempt at identifying the contents of the various massive vats in the room and finds that each has either bleach or acid in them.

Searching through Vorkstag’s gear the party is surprised to find potentially useful magic items: 1 potion of bulls strength, 2 potions of cure light wounds, 1 potion of water breathing, a wand of acid arrow with 21 charges, a heavy mace(masterwork), a pouch with dust of tracelesseness in it, and some keys. The party also finds some alchemical items: 2 does of blue whinnis, 1 dose of deathblade, 2 does of black adder venom and extracts of: jump, shield, true strike, blur, and fire breathing.

Shadow of torture

Desperate for information, Raz and Klemeth decide to take Vorkstag to a corner and rough him up a bit while Gloriana guards Grind and everyone else searches the immediate area. Looking at Vorkstag more closely they realize he has no skin and that his muscles are completely exposed. Klemeth’s attempt at intimidating Vorkstag seem effective, but he seems to be completely willing to give them information which seems truthful. Not to be left out, Raz tries to intimidate them as well, hoping for the off-chance that Vorkstag suffers from gnome-a-phobia.

Vorkstag tells them he was at the asylum making a delivery of bleach to the doctor and that the news regarding “the beast” was that “the beast” was at the asylum around the time it burned down.

The rest of the party finds more alchemical items after they search the room: 5 pots of blackguard, 10 does of blood block, 5 doses of silver weapon blanch, 5 doses of cold iron weapon blanch, and 1 dose of adamantium blanch.

Raz and Klemeth get bored talking to Vorkstag since he is being to forthcoming and decide that maybe Gloriana should talk to him. As they are walking across the Vorkstag breaks his bonds and runs away before anyone has a chance to do anything to stop him.

The rest of the party finds some items of interest in another room in coffins and crates: a drow head, a pair of hill giant eyes, parts of a half-transformed were-rat, some tentacles, some owl bear skeletons, a coffin with a fresh corpse in it, and a hand cart with a ledge and a wand of gentle repose(28) in it. The corpse is one Jakob Turrell, a traveler from Tamrivena. He died from poisoning of some sort. He was to be delivered to a buyer for dissection according to the ledger.


After rummaging through coffins and crates one of the party find a secret passage that smells like the city sewer.

Raz, Klemeth and Gloriana run down the hall they suspect Vorkstag ran through. Raz casts dancing lights in order for us to see in the unlit area. We head down some stairs to a room filled with corpses floating in murky water. Raz maneuvers his dancing lights towards the back of the room to see if he can spot Vorkstag since he saw that the water had been disturbed shortly before they arrived. He sees Vorkstag floating face down posing as one of the corpses in the water. Klemeth grabs a gaff that he sees hanging on the wall. Klemeth and Gloriana step into the water to retrieve Vorkstag. The others start making their way towards this room after hearing Klemeth, Gloriana, and Raz runs into the room.

Some members of the party decide that having no skin isn’t a very normal trait for most humanoid species and ponder the possibility that Vorkstag isn’t human or any of the other typical races. Raz thinks he might be a type of faerie called a “skin stealer”. Raz then decides to shoot a ray of fire at Vorkstag floating in the water. Vorkstag gets up to defend himself. Two of the corpses rise and appear to be zombies.

Myrra surprises everyone in the room by throwing several darts at the unsuspecting Vorkstag and damaging him severely. One of the zombies claws Klemeth viciously. Observing the fighting style of the zombies the party is amazed to find that they are monks. Their “flurry of blows” attack consists of pummeling fists as well as bits of rotting flesh flying from their rapidly flailing hands and forearms. Vorkstag retreats to a corner of the room. One of the zombies

Zombie monk

One zombie goes down. The other surrenders.

Vorkstag surrenders, but Gloriana will not be tricked by him a second time and puts him out of his misery.

The party talks to the zombie and learns that they are kept intelligent through alchemical means, but they are still evil and zombies. Sam invokes the power of Iomedea and kills the zombie. Klemeth considers the possibility of asking Raz to duplicate the intelligent zombie elixir in order to keep him as man-at-arms.

Gloriana realizes that the time to be at court is fast-approaching and heads off to reserve their spot int he court room.

Searching through Grind’s gear the party finds a thief’s pouch and a holy symbol of Norgarbur, the deity of greed, secrets, murder, poison, and cold pizza.

They also find: a potion of cure light wounds, a potion of spider climb, 2 acids, a masterwork hand axe, 3 masterwork throwing axes, a disguise kit, 6 doses of black smear poison(good on bagels), and a spell component pouch.


A key the party got from V fits the lock of a grate. The party figures that this passage to the sewers was used to bring in corpses in without arousing suspicion from any onlookers.

The party searches the rest of the building and encounters four mongrelmen who decide to fight the party. The mongrelman do not last long and the last one surrenders but isn’t able to tell the party anything useful. The group makes it to Vorkstag’s room and finds: 12 vials of alchemist fire, 12 vials of liquid ice, 10 smoke pellets, 10 smoke sticks, 6 bottles of bleach worth 5 gp each. The label on the bleach bottles matches the one found in the Sanctuary.

Myrra find a bottle of port with 100gp.



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