Ulstalav Adventure

The Verdict


Journal notes by Kerowyn

While Gloriana holds our place at court and Klemeth watches over Grind who’s unconscious, the rest of the party continues to search the premises – premisi – the building. :-)

We find some additional stuff: 12 vials acid, 12 vials nushandir (APG), 3 thunderstones and a bottle acid. In another room we find a vial of acid that contains a gold key. We also find a strong box under a bed in a room containing curios and knick-knacks and oddities. In the strong box 200gps, 4 vials of anti-toxin and a small purple purse that holds 4 small cloudy diamonds worth 300 gps each.

We investigate a trapdoor in the ceiling and Mira checks for traps on it. There are pieces of art depicting foreign lands and there’s another ladder leading to another trap door in that ceiling. Mira steps into the room to investigate and gets swarmed by a coupled of homunculuses — homunculi — little devil looking humanoids. Mira, Raz and I finish off the little monsters.

Tribal Mask

Among the curious we found an ebony tribal mask from Mwangi Expanse worth 175pgs, a silver torc from the lands of the Linnorm Kings worth 200gps and a mammoth tusk Scrimshaw from the realm of the Mammoth Lords, with several spells carved on the surface. The tusk weighs about 20lbs and functions like a magic scroll: bull strength, ice storm and phantom steed. Mira disables a magic sound burst trap at the top of the second trapdoor… and ANOTHER homunculus attacks Mira when she opens the door. Kerowyn killed it and then Mira climbed out the window ledge, up her climbing rope and stole the lightning rod (worth 100gps), which was made out of copper in the shape of a raven eating a wolf. She fell trying to climb back down to the window carrying the rod and I pulled her back up and into the room, since I’d recommended tying the rope around her before she started back down just in case…

The next room looked like a bedroom for a scholar – lots of tomes worth 500gps… The room was very clean except for a jar with a preserved head, and its features were similar to those found in the faces of the Klemeth’s swamp clan. In addition, a complete alchemy lab sits on the desk. We find 3 packets of flash powder and 5 pots of alchemical grease (see APG).

Mira was unable to pick the lock for the next door but we were able to find a key on the key ring that would fit and unlock the door. Inside this tiny room was a single object: a large oak cabinet. Mira found nearly a score of flayed skins (looks like empty bags of flesh) hanging in the cabinet. Hanging in the front is a shambling man — grotesque and dis-formed mongrel-man and had pus, warts, etc. This one looks most like the Beast.

Assorted coins

We found 500gps in assorted coins, silver drinking cup inlaid with obsidian worth 400gps, a syringe with 6 vials: necromantic elixir that was used for the zombies. It also had a ledger that contains all the transactions that have purchased stolen cadavers and anatomical parts — many of which are local scholars or doctors including Doctor Brada (who was the doctor at the Sanctuary) and Auren Vrood (which was the name the Ouija board gave Raz when he was asking it about who killed the Professor).

We discuss taking the skins and the head of Vorkstaag back as evidence. Mira brings us the point that there might be issues if we tell people we killed a local merchant (despite the fact that he attacked us first).. We decide to stick to the facts: tell the judges that we killed a skinwalker that had this skin in its wardrobe, heal the assistant’s sight and ask him which one looks like what he saw at the Sanctuary (the Beast vs. the Skinwalker)…

Before we head on over to the court house, Klemeth has a word with the surviving mongrel-man telling him to get out of town and not come back. Klemeth appears rather intimidating and the mongrel-man just nods and runs away. We decide to leave Grind tied up in one of the nailed-shut crates and locked in one of the rooms. We also take the ledger with all the illegal activities but plan not to share the full details of the ledger during the trial unless needed, though we planned to share it with “our” judge after session.


The trial starts… On our side, Raz gets his cure blindness potion added to the evidence. Raz is told to get down off the table where he was doing his pacing and discussion… Mira agrees to put on the grotesque mongrel-man “suit” so the assistant can point him out as what he saw as the Beast. When his sight returns, Raz asks him to point out the Beast, and he points to Mira in the mongrel-man skin… The assistant assures us and the judges that he had never seen the actual Beast. Of course, the Prosecution objects saying that we hadn’t proved all three accusations. When he says that, we pulled out Vorstaag’s body showing the blood caiman bite and we tell the judges that he/it was the one wearing the various skins. We asked Klemeth to testify that the marks on the body were those from a blood caiman, which he confirmed. Raz also states that we found a vial of water breathing in the swamp camp/town. The court is adjourned while the judges deliberate.

Mira cases the crowd to see if they’re feeling restless, but they appear festive and the Crooked Kin perform during the break.

Chief Justice Khard comes back in and announces the verdict — the Beast is INNOCENT!
The crowd screams in anger, the guards draw weapons to keep them away… The Beast tells us thanks and says he wants to go home and see “Father”. He asks us to come visit him in a couple of days… The guards escort the Beast through the crowd to the edge of town and leave him at the swamp. Raz created an “all tools” vest later that afternoon and shows it off to Mira… He wants to restock his supplies before heading out.

Judge Embreth Daramid

We collect our pay the next morning (100 platinum each) at breakfast with Judge Embreth Daramid, and we give her the ledger. She then asks if we’ll do one more task — investigate the Beast and its creator. She said she was interested in its history and she thinks it might still be dangerous. She’s also worried that the town might track down the Beast and take matters in their own hands to deal out what they believe is “justice”… Judge Daramid points out that the creator’s lands are outside the town’s jurisdiction and asks us to hurry if we want to save the Beast.

We mount up and head out…



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