Ulstalav Adventure

Doors & Stairs


Journal notes by Kerowyn

Mira decided to head up the ladder to a trap door, followed by Raz while Gloriana and Kero waited below to see what was found. She pushed it open and started hacking and coughing as a fog enveloped her and started to spread out into the room. The fog was acidic and could have caused damage to those in the room and anything out in the open (like armor and gear)… Mira, Raz, Gloriana and Kero ran out and used the nushandir to neutralize the acid before the affects could be felt (thanks to a nice GM’s change of heart). Raz was nauseated from the nushandir, but all the gear was saved. We waited 15 min to insure the fog had dissipated. Mira checked for traps when she went back up the ladder, but there were no more. The new room appeared to be completely empty and Raz didn’t detect any magic. Seeing little pits and holes caused by the acid, we discussed the theory that anything that MIGHT have been in the room was eaten away by the acid fog before we released it…


We went back to the room with the sarcophagi to head down the winding circular staircases. The staircase was an open iron spiral over a gorge, leading to a terrace with another door. Raz volunteered to go down the stairs first, with a rope tied around his waist, in case there should be any issues. Raz tested the steps which seemed solid and made it to the bottom with no issues. He tied it off, so there would be a hand-hold for those who followed. Mira went down next and checked for traps on the terrace door but found none. Since the door was not locked, she opened it and saw three empty crates and three opaque, sealed jars. Mira and Raz stepped into the room. Klemeth headed down to join them. Raz asked Mira to check for traps on the jars and she said she didn’t find any. Raz looked for a way to open the first jar. Mira was startled when Raz screamed after opening the jar — there was a floating seahag head in it. Raz and Mira decide to open the second jar and use a mirror to look inside in case there might be a medusa head or something similar. Klemeth waited closer to the door. This time however there was a cloud of spores that billowed out of the container. Both Mira and Raz felt weaker from the cloud’s effect. Raz and Mira took some anti-toxin which kept the damage to a minimum. Raz used prestidigitation and mage hand to scoop up some of the spores and put then in a vial for later study. Raz decided to use mage hand to open the last jar while he and the others stayed on the other side of the room. They didn’t see anything come out, but Klemeth thought his dagger changed into a poisonous snake (which he threw into one corner while he cowered in another) and Mira thought she was melting… Raz walked over to the jar and saw that it held a plant — one that produces an invisible cloud of hallucinogenic spores, which he suspected was causing Klemeth and Mira problems. Raz decided to save the ta-tas first and tried to get Mira to the stairs and fresh air. Meanwhile Klemeth thought he saw a swarm of spiders climbing up his legs and started jumping up and down, trying to shake them off. Raz told Klemeth he would be safe at the top of the stairs. Klemeth ran up the stairs, smacking at the spiders. Raz put the plant into a container and put the container into his haversack. Mira finally stopped melting. Klemeth got rid of the spiders, but then had silverfish and centipedes crawling on his tunic. Raz cast charm person and convinced Klemeth the silverfish was an illusion. Mira went back down to finish checking for hidden doors but found nothing.


Sam healed Raz and Mira, and we decided to rest again. Nothing happened during the night, and we headed to the door to the outside and the last building after breakfast. There was a path that lead to a door in the wall. Mira lead the way on the exposed path, 50 feet above the water. There are no hand rails or guide ropes. Mira climbed up with rope so the rest would have a guide rope and we tied smaller ropes around our waist in case anyone fell. Klemeth, Kero, Sam, Turin made it across, followed by Gloriana and Raz was last. We saw a rusty door at the end of the path. Mira found no traps but was unable to get the door open, which made her pout. She tried to push the door open, and quietly told the rest that the door was stuck or rusted shut. None of us could force the door open, so Raz tried a detect magic to see if there was anything on the door. Mira climbed to the top of walkway between the towers. Kero and Klemeth threw acid at the door and it finally gave in. We entered and see a hallway going left and right, and the base of what used to be a staircase directly on the other side of the door we entered. Mira walked down the “left” hallway and fell thru the floor into some water (pit trap?)… She was having problems swimming and started to sink. While Mira was sinking, she noticed a swarm of leaches heading her way. Mira sent her rope of climbing to tie around Klemeth’s waist. Raz dropped a bomb into the water and they swam away from Mira. Klemeth and Kero pulled Mira out of the water. We skirted the edges of the pit and headed towards the next door… (TBD)



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