Gloriana Rivendale

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Gloriana Rivendale

Twenty-nine years ago Victor, a Varisian wandered, had received a vision from the goddess Desna telling him to visit the Mwangi Expanse. Receiving this vision, he picked up his belongings and made the long trek. While wandering the Mwangi jungles and learning more about the varied people of the land, Victor happened upon Eani, a “widow” Ekujae elf. Eani who had lost her husband to slavers was raising two young twin sons by herself. Immediately a connection was made that took form in the twos marriage and after months Gloriana was born. Though there were bumps and disapproving looks, the two looked to Gloriana as their joy and hope for the future. However, shortly after Gloriana’s tenth birthday the couples’ happiness was turned upside with the capture of the young half-elf by slavers. Their marriage disintegrated and ended in divorce as neither could deal with the loss of their child. Just as Eani’s first husband was considered deceased by her tribe so too was Gloriana.

A new life of hardship began for Gloriana and lasted for one and half years before she was rescued by a female Paladin of Sarenrae named Neria. Seeing that Gloriana was young and by herself, Neria spoke with Gloriana about Sarenrae. During their travels to Absalom, Neria, noticed a birthmark on the back of the young half elf’s neck that looked like a tattoo in the form of Sarenrae’s symbol. Using this and her teachings, Neria converted Gloriana to the way of Sarenrae.

Once in Absalom, Gloriana studied languages and math while excelling in literature and religious studies. But her calling was in combat and her newfound faith in Sarenrae. Strengthening her body, mind, and abilities for combat and strategic planning became a daily routine. While studying, Gloriana managed to attend a special lecture of Professor Petros Lorrimor. From that lecture on, Gloriana never missed one of his speaking engagements in Absalom and became friendly with the Professor. To this day, the memories of their discussions bring a fond smile to Gloriana lips.

It should be said since her rescue, Gloriana has managed to get in touch with her parents and siblings. They are not close like most families, but she still keeps some of their traditions (the modest and pure ones) and hopes to be an inspiration for her two younger brothers. One such tradition is the wearing of her kapenia during special occasions such as the upcoming event for Professor Lorrimor. Gloriana received her precious kapenia (swirling pattern of bright yellow and green) on the day she was reunited with her father. It is a precious gift that he held on to based on his long ago vision which told him she would return one day.

Gloriana Rivendale

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