Ulstalav Adventure

The Race Begins


Journal notes by Kerowyn

Merrily we ride along, ride along, ride along… merrily we ride along all the way to Schloss Caromarc – and no random encounters. :-)

As we approached the “castle,” we saw moving lights. We were able to determine that the lights were town folk coming out of the swamp carrying torches and pitchforks, etc.. We discussed the fact that we’re outside the jurisdiction of the town and that accidents do happen in the swamps — but decided not to address the mob-like crowd yet.

As we got closer, the castle was more of collection of buildings. Other than the guard/gate house building, the others can only be reached by crossing a rope bridge that crosses over the broken and rotten remains of a partial wooden bridge, which of course was the passage over a steep rocky chasm. Outside the gate house we saw four “dogs” that appear to be guarding the gate — and by “dog” we mean large, pus-covered and scaly-looking canines… Sam remembered that they’re not really dogs, they’re troll hounds (which are a cross between worgs and troll-blood), with diseased saliva and the ability to regenerate. Not knowing if the hounds were intelligent, Kerowyn tried to speak with them and got only growls and raised hackles…


Mira moved off to the side to get behind the townsfolk while Sam, Kero and Turin kept watch on the hounds, and Raz and Gloriana went to warn the townsfolk. Some of the townsfolk take heed of Raz’ warnings, but the rest proceed forward… The trollhounds attacked the villagers and they ran back towards the swamp with the hounds in hot pursuit. While the hounds were occupied, we decided to approach the gatehouse and try to enter…

When we approached the gate, we were pummeled with rocks and Mira was also hit by a crossbow bolt. Raz started shouting threats to our unknown assailants. Mira and Raz took refuge by the gate and the rest of us moved back so we could see who was shooting at us (Trolls – why’d it have to be TROLLS?!) Mira used her rope of climbing to climb up to the roof of the gatehouse and Raz followed her. The trolls were yelling things, but none of us spoke their language.

Mira left the rope for the rest of us and Raz threw a smoke stick so we would have some cover against the crossbow attacks. We all made it up and decided we’d have to deal with the troll and hound in the inner courtyard before we could proceed to the bridge. Mira took the lead, hitting it with her darts and Raz used color-spray to stun the troll and temporarily blind and stun the hound.


After finishing off that troll and hound, the trolls from the front towers broke down the door into the courtyard and attacked us. Raz was effective with his color spray on the first two… We killed them and found the following on the bodies: 3 rubies worth 75gp each, spy glass worth 1k gps, a magical staff for summoning insects with 7 charges. 208gps and 345sps and some other miscellaneous stuff that was of no real value.

Sam healed up the injuries and we decided to check the towers before heading over to the bridge. In the towers, we found piles of rock and nothing in the other. Mira recommends we get rid of the bodies so they’re not visible and we toss them into the chasm. Then off to the bridge crossing… (to be continued)



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