Ulstalav Adventure

Bridge Over Troubled Water


Journal notes by Kerowyn

The night passed uneventfully… We were up at the crack of Don – and it was a terrible sight! :-)

We discussed where we should check next for the Count. We had seen a “back door” but weren’t sure where it would lead. Raz asked the spirit board, “Where is the Count?” and received the answer, “South.” Raz suggested that there might be a secret passage and recommended we look for a basement access… Mira looked out the window by the back door and saw a stone walkway bridge over the river to another door in the North. Mira offered to burn the manor down and look for holes; the rest of us discouraged that option for now. Before we headed to the stone walkway, Mira decided to borrow 4 bottles of wine. We tied a rope around Mira before she crossed the bridge, as it was wet from the spray from the falls. She checked the door on the far side and it opened easily. Mira motioned us over to the door to the building, which appeared to be an alchemist lab, and one of the walls had been blown apart. We started across the bridge one at a time. When half the party was across the bridge, those already in the lab noticed that everything in the lab was rusty. About the time they noticed the rust, a pack of rust monsters jumped out of where they’d been hiding in the debris. We defeated the rust monsters, though Gloriana’s chain mail was severely damaged in the battle. Sam thought he would be able to pray and repair it after resting. Mira found a magic rod of “flame extinguishing” (10 charges/day) in the debris. The hole in the wall looked like it was caused by an explosion and we noticed scaffolding around the opening. Raz decided to collect the antennae from the rust monsters and we then headed out to another bridge – this time made of rope. It looked like there had been stone bridge where the rope one swayed now, but it had collapsed or had been destroyed. On the far side, there was a stone nymph to the side of another building, with a stained glass image of a unicorn above the doors.


Mira started across the rope bridge when she was attacked by an erinyes. She ran across the bridge with Raz following. The rest of us remained on the near side. Sam caught her in a hold person and she fell into the river. Kerowyn led the remaining people across the bridge, though they were held up when Gloriana kept falling down on the bridge. Sam thought the erinyes might have been a summoned creature – that might have been part of a magic trap, though Raz hadn’t detected anything when he was searching.

The latest building held shelves of a variety of alchemically preserved samples. Once everyone was across, Raz decided to whip up his last two extracts but we were attacked by more homoculi, homoculuses – did we ever figure out the correct plural form? :-)

The homoculi were leading a giant flesh golem without a face. While we turned to face the golem, the erinyes burst in the door behind Sam and started attacking everyone as well. We vanquished the erinyes and then focused on the giant golem. Raz caught it in a tanglefoot bomb while Mira and Kero were in close quarter combat. Kerowyn was badly wounded and Turin delivered the killing blow. After the battle with the flesh golem was over, we attacked the homoculi but two escaped. We found three vials of violet venom among the preserved remains worth 800gps each… Sam and Gloriana healed the party (mainly Kero) and we decided to continue on exploring…



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