Ulstalav Adventure

Arrival and the Hunt


Nothing else happened after the incident potential werewolf corpse and the party stopped to rest for the night. In the morning, Sam informed the rest of the party that he had a vision from his deity and that his destiny laid elsewhere. Sam gave the party his used haunt siphon, a potion of cure moderate and cure disease (which was given to Mira), four potions of lesser restoration (which were divided between Mira, Klemeth, Kero and Friejha). Same then gave Gloriana his wand of gentle repose with 20 charges and a wand of lesser restoration with 20 charges. Turin decided to accompany Sam and gave the party his ring of the ram. He and Sam left after breaking fast and saying good-bye.

The group continues the journey to the Lodge and by lunch they reached a clearing with Ascanor Lodge in the center. The party approached the gatehouse of the Lodge, which was manned by two guards. Mira said, “We seek admission” and presented our invitations. One of guards said that they weren’t expecting any new guests. After asking us to wait, he sent another guard to get the porter. Mira also mentioned that we had recovered the body of a dead noble (Dravin), and the guard replied that the porter would need to be informed of that as well. The porter finally approached and introduced himself as Belik of Courtaud. Gloriana repeated to Belik what Mira had told the head guard. Belik reviewed the invitation and then stated that as the party had no reservation and looked as though we did not come for a peaceful stay that we would not be admitted. Belik then asked the party to leave the body and “be off”. Friejha took his comments poorly and insulted Belik, calling him a “self-important popinjay.” Many people were drawn from Lodge to observe the altercation with the porter.

During the confrontation, a scruffy woodsman and nobleman pushed thru the crowd heading out of the Lodge. The group overheard the woodsman say “I’ll take you there, Duristan, but I’m not taking my dogs.” The nobleman’s servants were carrying crates with a coat of arms on it, from the house of Ariesir of Ardeal. Friejha offered to take her wolves in place of the dogs and after looking over her beauty, the nobleman said he would welcome her “expertise.” Kero asked where the nobleman was headed, and Duristan said that his group was hunting werewolves. He also offered to allow the ladies (and their underling) to stay at the lodge under his invitation, which made Belik look daggers at the group and walk back to the Lodge.


Duristan asked if anyone in the group was an adventurer. When they confirmed that was the case, he became very excited and said he wanted to hear all our stories of what we’d come across. Duristan said that he had killed werewolves himself, and the pelt he wore was from a werewolf as well. Friejha knew (and shared later to those who weren’t aware) that werewolves reverted back to human form when they died. Kero asked Mira to see if she can get any knowledge from the woodsman leading the combined group into the woods, so she asked him about werewolves. The woodsman told Mira that Belik was actually a “good guy” and that Duristan would be fitting of the term popinjay than Belik. He also mentioned that there was an incident on a hunt earlier in the day — that a stag was flayed horrifically. The guests in the hunting party were terrified and retreated back to the Lodge. He also mentioned rumors about the “devil in gray” and that Duristan was convinced the stag was killed by werewolves, which is what lead to him and the others being out now for hunting.

After a few hours, the group reached the clearing where the stag was killed. The grass was trampled and there were signs of a struggle. The woodsman Delgros exclaimed, “It’s gone!” and he and Mira started looking for tracks on what took the stag’s carcass… Mira found tracks of the stag as well as two sets of partial prints — large wolf-like prints (twice the size of normal prints, but smaller than a dire wolf) another set of prints of something she wasn’t sure what it was. Delgros looked at the prints as well and said the first set wasn’t consistent with werewolf prints. He commented that the prints looked like dire wolf but it had strange, elongated claws. The second set was that of a great boar. After confirming the trail, Duristan happily gets the party moving that direction. After 50 yards or so, Duristan and Friejha heard rustling and proceed towards the noise. They surprised three dire boars munching on the deer carcass and the boars charged at them.

Kero put some arrows into the first boar while Friejha and Duristan attacked it. Gloriana hit the second boar while Mira and the woodsman fought the third. Kero moved to join Gloriana fighting the second boar. Mira slashed her board almost in half and then Gloriana and Friejha do the same to theirs. Gloriana laid hands on Duristan to heal him and he complimented her soft hands. Duristan said that he believed the wounds on the stag were caused by werewolves (though Kero could tell the wounds he was pointing to as being inflicted by werewolves was actually caused by the tusks of the boars). Delgros took the boards carcasses back to the Lodge while the rest of the party stayed with the nobleman to try to trap the werewolf.



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