Do you feel lucky

Many of us have seen it: dumb luck—an event that can only be attributed to a miraculous stroke of serendipity that manifests (almost as if by magic) by appearing in the right place at the right time. Some call it fate; others call it the work of the gods. Regardless of the label applied to them, these improbable moments do happen and they can have a tremendous effect on those privy to luck’s sweet embrace.

To give luck a hand each player will roll percentile at the beginning of each game. Anyone who rolls 100% will get to choose a card from The Deck of Miraculous Luck. Players must be present at the start of the session to give luck a hand.

About the Deck of Miraculous Luck

There are six different card types: healing, magic item, spell, mechanic, storyline, and enhancement. There are five of each type in the 30-card deck.

There are seven “rare” cards, which are removed permanently from the deck once used. All other cards get shuffled back into the deck.

Automatic cards have an effect that happens immediately after the card is drawn. Expendable cards are held by the player who drew them until that player desires to use the card’s effect. Triggered use cards explain a stipulation that must be met before the card’s effect takes place.

Do you feel lucky

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